Real Estate online – Service & Confidence 2.0

Real Estate online – Service & Confidence 2.0

The web grows and offers new services, they are sometime superfluous, or else they became essential for us. And real estate is no exception. Many real estate firms created their own websites and used the internet to sell. It was clear the opportunity to use the net to get to more customers, more countries, and to be able to display and update the catalog of flats and houses for sale.

Many of the real estate portals respond to this initial concept and they are useful business website . Your website is your business card, your point of contact, it shows your cataloge, it is organized by categories, prices and areas. It sells or helps to sell.

We can see here a collection of active real estate sites for the Spanish market.

Next phase of real estate 2.0 – Specialization:

But that is not all what real estates do in their daily lives, and that should be “moved” into the new digital environment. A real estate sells its prestige and image, by word of mouth, they often specialize in a specific type of property, or client, or it is entrenched in a city or region. Or else it differential value may be its large size, and an opportunity to be a leader.

Every realtor should also transfer all these every day business factors into 2.0. But It is smart not to copy the online site and service of other real estates, and to identify your differential value and just use that in your sales strategy on the network.

So today it is possible to find much more information and real estate services in the network. In addition to the organized real estate portals, new services appeared, such as comparing offers sites. There are websites specialized in specific deals, in singles and small homes, for example.

And the great general capacity of the network allows us to reach very precisely to each particular group. Or in the words of Fernando García Ervin, “internet is hyperlocal ” and many use the general real estate network to further enhance a local business.

Next phase of estate 2.0 – Social networking and B2B collaboration :

No wonder then that the real estates have seen the potential of new social networks and are using to complete their bet to reach their customers, to create community and branding, each estate according to their needs and means.

Confidence sells, and customers get loyal. Many realtors generate image and brand. And on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest they have created or found their social community. So while showing their offer, they attend consultations and maintain an open channel, and they also show a more human and closer image. People want to communicate with people.

Not without difficulties, in Spain. Cesar Villasante states clearly in his interesting post ” To face internetSpanish property advisors are reluctant mostly to show their personal image in their real estate website. “No doubt there are also personal or confidential points in a sale.

However this is not incompatible with using social network strategies, at other times. There is not only one sales channel, we may have several, and each channel requires its own strategy and key media.

The same evolution of online applications is driving us to new collaborative dynamics, where everyone has something to gain. For example there are standards for our supply catalog to be offered – in a clear and controlled way – in more than one web site, which avoids some mechanical tasks .

Using LinkedIn and professional spaces to establish B2B relationships between agents and developers, to find investors and international projects.

Or as for there are free open sites that are established as new specialty channels, in this case focused on new construction abroad promotions that allow owners, developers and customers to contact each other directly.

There are as many models for real estate 2.0 as business strategies. And if we look at our international colleagues, the trends are increasingly diverse. Identify what makes your best and see how you can best move that service onto the net. Build trust 2.0.

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