Materials to decorate your bathroom

Materials to decorate your bathroom

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Ceramic is still a very good choice for lining the walls of your bathroom because of its high strength and easy cleaning. Furthermore, current ceramic coatings provide multiple options for decoration and design.

There is always a tendency to simple elegant lines and classic designs, which can also fit incredibly in design and accessories.


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New Ceramics.

What’s more, companies specialized in ceramics have also worked further, so new ideas and designs that evocate natural materials are available to the developer and builder, such as marble or wood.

You can see more examples on the web of this famous brand:


Photo: New ceramics on Porcelanosa.

Keeping ceramics in mind, the Argentinian magazine ARQ Clarín highlights the tendency for semi finished and polished rectified edges for coatings. These rectified edges greatly reduce the joint necessary and gives an appearance of continuity to the surface.

It also highlights ARQ Clarín that the glossy finishes are returning, but with a semi-polished finish for porcelain. So new and more personal designs are achieved, it keep easy of cleaning and the result is antiskid and more resistant to scratches and bumps.

Digital printing allows any type of design and pieces that recreate other materials such as stone, metal or wood, on a ceramic or porcelain, and as many pieces as needed can be produced. The limitation is the size of the parts, up to 60 x 60 cm.


Photo: ARQ Clarín.

A range of materials have been developed, such as Ston-Ker, XLIGHT or superfine Ceramics, ceramic flooring, and new uses such as the concept of decorative profiles for coating walls, lending a different character to any wall. See online.


Photo: Porcelanosa. Decorative Profiles.

Some other materials.

As Living website put it, new textures and colors are being chosen. And there are also other coatings for a more personal and fresher air, according to what you want for your bathroom:

For instance , natural stones like granite, marble, slate and porphyry.

The granites are generally very resistant and allow you rustic or polished finishes equally. The slabs offer a variety of colors, and are very suitable for bathrooms on the outside of a house. The porphyry, granite stones are very hard (like cobblestones), and they may be an original siding and floors of colonial style houses.

Artificial stones are pieces made of powders, grains and chunks of marble. The limestone tiles have a sturdy base and an upper unpolished layer , with flat colors. They allows decorative designs.

The granite tiles are composed of dust and marbles, and they offer a variety of colors.

Lastly, the venecitas or mosaic glass is a very durable material made from natural materials. They do not lose color over time or because of the sun, and they allow very creative combinations.

venecitas - mosaico

Photo: Venecitas – Mosaic glass.

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