New referents in sustainable new development for XXI century

New referents in sustainable new development for XXI century

In October in Barcelona it will be held the 7th edition of the International Congress WSB14 Word Sustainable Building, which will be bringing together experts from all around the world and from all areas involved in establishing and implementing the new standards of sustainable real estate development: scientists, institutions, professionals and promoters.

As a result of the congress and previous studies and encounters, the document “Global Vision” will set a state of the art and new roadmap objectives for nowadays new construction.

The challenge of housing

The world population mostly live in cities, in the temperate zones of the planet, and this trend is expected to continue. However, the model by which those cities are constructed and arranged is inspirited mainly by the Anglo-Saxon one, born in colder climates, with other energy and comfort needs, and with its own building materials and procedures.

New models and design techniques, new materials, more efficient, economical and more suitable ones for different countries and climates are needed. In this Congress the Mediterranean Europe will have an important part to establish these references.

High energy impact of housing 

Construction and housing play a really important part in our nowadays and future energy consumption. In buildings we consume up to 40% of the total energy of each country for heating, cooling, lighting and electrical equipment. Most of this energy is fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal).

The buildings also have to consume much less water, for example, by reusing rainwater for irrigation or toilets.

We should organize “closer” cities to limit displacements, to reduce the amount of construction materials, services and equipment needed.

Also more renewable, recyclable and friendly to the health materials must be used.   We are consuming too much right now, and broad industrial sectors are already contributing to the change.

Link to the Congress web and Image out of an article in La Vanguardia, Spanish, newspaper.

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