Real estate photography. The art of inspiring.

Real estate photography. The art of inspiring.

Photo Qualinhabitat House ref. 1154.

Buying and selling a home is a process with many facets. A very attractive and creative one is how to use good photographies.

Using evocative and beautiful images of housing, attractive scenes is essential to attract visitors to the property you offer. To be able to draw attention of potential customers is no little work in this world full of things trying to get our attention all the time.

Photographs should be attractive and stand out and be visible. For example the pools – like the one in the house on the cover – are always attractive, refreshing, contrasting colors, like a magnet for the eyes in the heat of the summer.

But real estate photography is not only about calling attention. It should motivate the customer senses, inspire. It must make clear how nice it can be to live in that place.

There are luxury homes – in very picturesque surroundings, with pools and terraces- for which it is easier to achieve this effect of “inspiration”. For the visitor to consider the house seriously. Nevertheless this inspiration should be achieved with all types of homes. Be a villa, a condo, or a small apartment, with a good photographic work you should get the visitors to imagine as in their own home.

Let’s see some examples and techniques that we should follow whenever we can.

The home must be spotless, for the buyers to imagine as in their own home. That is, the house must be clean, neat, without too many decorative and personal items on the shelves, without the family portraits. It is very important to depersonalize each of the spaces to be photographed, so as your client has no impediments to imagine in there.

casa ordenada tidy home

Photo Qualinhabitat House ref. 1154.

Another example is this terrace. It has great views and it is a space full of possibilities to make it your own place: a terrace for summer dining? Open space for the kids to play?

empty terraze

Photo Qualinhabitat House ref. 145.

In the photographs of your property, every detail counts and it is relevant. And as a realtor you should be able to identify which are the strengths of that housing space, is it a bright and spacious room? Really pleasant in Winter?… You must have the ability to reflect it on your photographs and to transmit the visitor.

flat with vistas

Photo Qualinhabitat Flat ref. 2193.
A sitting room with light and exterior views like these ones is a luxury.

This bath combines colors and elements, it is an attractive design.

atractivo design

Photo Qualinhabitat Flat ref. 2181.

Or by using another focus for the same flat: who would not feel at home in your own nook – terraze?


Photo Qualinhabitat Flat ref. 2181.

There are many techniques. We’ll comment some on next posts. In this we wanted to focus on the main point: attitude and intention. The realtor photographies are not just for showing the house, they should inspire to be useful in real estate.

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