Shanghai World’s 4th Best City for Real Estate Investment

Shanghai World’s 4th Best City for Real Estate Investment

Photo wikipedia: The Bund with skyscrapers.

As Jeremy Kelly at JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) put it during his visit to Shanghai “We are at the beginning of a rapidly changing commercial geography of cities – driven by a new era of competiveness”.

According to the last JLL research, quoted by Michael Cole on Mingtiandi, cities are now well aware of the growing need to innovate and to be competitive. Shanghai is just the perfect example of an important city that takes advantage of new economic initiatives, has a brand and builds social engagement and that adapts to new opportunities.

Shanghai is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta on the East of China. And it is a global financial center and a transport hub with the world’s busiest container port.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai(豫園, 上海)by d'n'c

Photo Illumination, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai(豫園, 上海)by d’n’c

To establish the ranking of each city, the JLL study took into account various indicators such as the economy, the presence of multinational companies, real estate investment, office rent, communications, etc., as well as for its city branding and engagement (see the growing importance of branding for cities).

For instance In terms of commercial attractive JLL report found Shanghai to be the 8th city in the world, while it ranks 11th for real estate investment dimension. It is really remarkable considering that China’s commercial capital was ranked 190th in the world only 10 years ago.

Chart on Mingtiandi.

And now only San Francisco, London and Dubai go before Shanghai, in general terms. And increasing! By 2025 or even sooner it is expected Shanghai to be in the group of global supercities with London, Tokyo, New York and Paris.

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