Spain, first choice to retire

Spain, first choice to retire

The Telegraph published recently an article where they analyzed and compared different world places to live the “good life”. Andalusia, in the south of Spain, got in first place.

True that the general real estate market got its part in the crisis in Spain. Nevertheless, the current situation is propitious to buy.

This wide region of southern Spain offers a life as rich in history, culture and gastronomy as anywhere in EU. Here we have examples of moorish architecture, as the Alhambra, alongside with thousands of churches and pretty fincas. People are cheerful, enjoys flamenco, tapas and fino, away from the tourist masses. The real estate has had its woes, but there are a few indications of recovery, and it is a good moment to buy. The article in The Telegraph also gives us a tip: “one area of Andalusia with increasing potential is the northern part of the Almería province, particularly around Vera and Mojácar”.

Spain used to be much cheaper for day-to-day living than other EU countries. True that over the past few years things changed. But it is can be mentioned that it is still less expensive than France and northern EU countries, and lately prices cut down in general. A very large number of EU – specially UK- citizens choose to retire to Spain.

The main reason mentioned for spending retirement in Spain is the weather, followed by the way of life… and these  factors should not change radically.

The climate, particularly in southern Spain, is beneficial for many ailments such as arthritis, asthma and joint problems due to the warmth and dry air. However, these areas get very hot in the summer. Winters are mild in the south but much colder in central Spain and to the north, although because of the Mediterranean they are not too cold. You will enjoy around 301 days of sunshine

In Spain the pension age is 65 (it might rise to 67) and there are many benefits for you since you are 55. From the age of 60 you can get cheaper train travel and at 55, local governments run a scheme which offers excursions, holidays and other activities during the low season. Once you have are 65 you have discounted bus travel and entry to museums, hotels, cinemas etc.. You may also apply for subsidies for home improvements, ramps for wheelchairs and handrails.

Certain supermarkets now offer a +65 card. The health care in Spain is free with the health card and very good, but as in most countries, there have been cutbacks to the funding of the health service.

This is why Spain is still an excellent first choice for retirement. And remember, to be in touch with family and friends, communications are easy and inexpensive. Sure they will be delighted to visit you.

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