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New homes real estate investment

Real estate investments

This real estate portal promotes real estate investment in new construction homes.

In this section you will find details of some countries to invest in new homes, guiding you to choose which country is the best option. This section also allows access to real estate developments in each country.

Countries to invest in new homes

Information of countries where realize your real estate investment

Real estate investment in Albania

New homes in Albania

The fantastic location, high quality construction and property affordability makes it a good place for property investment.

Real estate investment in Andorra

New homes in Andorra

Andorra is a small tax haven with a tourist and leisure sector very well developed. Its ski slopes and shopping are a big draw for investors.

Real estate investment in Angola

New homes in Angola

Currently, there are very good investment opportunities in Angola, due to the high property demand and a shortage of supply.

Real estate investment in Argentina

New homes in Argentina

Argentina is a vast country with great tourist attractions and offer varied and adapted to all investors. It is an ideal destination for investment.

Real estate investment in Australia

New homes in Australia

Australia offers a secure and stable environment for investors, with new business opportunities, being a perfect country to invest.

Real estate investment in Austria

New homes in Austria

One of the best places in the world to live, so it continuously receives strong real estate investments, offering good treatment to foreign companies and investors.

Real estate investment in the Bahamas

New homes in the Bahamas

The legislation facilitates the purchase of new homes in the Bahamas and attracts a large number of foreign investors, taking advantage of the absence of taxes.

Real estate investment in Barbados

New homes in Barbados

Barbados is one of the most stable and prosperous islands in the Caribbean, with sustained economic growth, attracting foreign investment for decades.

Real estate investment in Belarus

New homes in Belarus

According to the Doing Business 2009 report, Belarus has become the best place, compared with Russia and Ukraine, for doing business and investment.

Real estate investment in Bolivia

New homes in Bolivia

The objective of the Government of Bolivia is to encourage and ensure domestic and foreign investment to promote economic and social development of Bolivia.

Real estate investment in Brazil

New homes in Brazil

Brazil is a country with increasing economic development, and perhaps one of the countries of greatest interest to realize your property investment.

Real estate investment in Bulgaria

New homes in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated between the Black Sea and the Balkans. Its tourist centers precisely on these two points, with a variety of real estate developments.

Real estate investment in Cambodia

New homes in Cambodia

In Cambodia there has been an increase in housing construction in recent years and the capital has had a great development of the real estate industry.

Real estate investment in Canada

New homes in Canada

Canada has one of the most dynamic economies in the world and is considered the best country to invest. There are no barriers to foreign real estate investors.

Real estate investment in Cape Verde

New homes in Cape Verde

The archipelago of Cape Verde attracts foreign investors mainly because of its tourism. Investing in Cape Verde can be a great bet for the future.

Real estate investment in Cayman Islands

New homes in Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands, considered a tax haven, have one of the strongest economies of the Caribbean. Offers great investment opportunities.

Real estate investment in Chile

New homes in Chile

Due to the highly attractive financing conditions and its strong and growing economy, the real estate market in Chile is now an excellent investment alternative.

Real estate investment in China

New homes in China

Gradually, the People's Republic of China has been becoming a world superpower.
This is a factor that has increased in the last 20 years.

Real estate investment in Colombia

New homes in Colombia

The global macro economic changes have generated a strong interest in investing in Colombia, especially in the housing market, which is growing.

Real estate investment in Costa Rica

New homes in Costa Rica

Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica is presented as a safe bet, being the property market in this country a continuous growth sector.

Real estate investment in Croatia

New homes in Croatia

Currently there is a clear trend in property investment in Croatia. Therefore, the Government has undertaken various measures to encourage foreign investment.

Real estate investment in Cyprus

New homes in Cyprus

Cyprus is considered as one of the top destinations for investment due to its excellent climate and the tax advantages offered by the government.

Real estate investment in Dominican Republic

New homes in Dominican Republic

This Caribbean country offers many possibilities for tourism and a wide range of real estate developments. Invest in Dominican Republic is a future investment.

Real estate investment in Ecuador

New homes in Ecuador

The climate and nature of the country, along with rapid economic growth, let consider Ecuador as an attractive destination for foreign investors.

Real estate investment in Egypt

New homes in Egypt

With a growing economy and a lot of developments, Egypt satisfies the requirements of property investors. Investment property in Egypt is now a highly beneficial market.

Real estate investment in France

New homes in France

France is the top world tourist destination, with a strong economy and an advanced country in many sectors. Invest in France is reliable and has many attractions.

Real estate investment in Germany

New homes in Germany

Real estate investments in Germany are in high demand due to high rentals, which offer strong yield, and still low prices of the properties.

Real estate investment in Greece

New homes in Greece

Greece is an interesting country for property investment due to the good value for money of existing properties and great potential for tourism.

Real estate investment in Honduras

New homes in Honduras

Honduras is the fastest growing country in Central America, making it an ideal place for investors seeking opportunities for tourism development.

Real estate investment in Hungary

New homes in Hungary

Hungary, a recent member of European Union, continues proving to be a moderate-high economy growth. His government is actively encouraging foreign investment.

Real estate investment in India

New homes in India

India has a real estate market with great potential and the country is attracting considerable interest from foreign property investors.

Real estate investment in Indonesia

New homes in Indonesia

Indonesia is an emerging country that has become a global brand in all aspects. The government has promoted political reforms to improve the investment climate.

Real estate investment in Italy

New homes in Italy

Italy offers a wealth of culture and ideal quality of life. Investing in Italy can be advantageous due to foreign investment have virtually no restrictions.

Real estate investment in Latvia

New homes in Latvia

Latvia is one of the emerging countries in Europe, where low property prices and high profitability promote increased real estate investment in the country.

Real estate investment in Lithuania

New homes in Lithuania

Lithuania enjoys political and economic stability and a high rate of economic growth. According to the FMI, it has become an integral part of developed countries.

Real estate investment in Malaysia

New homes in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia for foreign investment. With a forecast of a sharp increase in housing demand.

Real estate investment in Maldives

New homes in Maldives

Due to its tropical characteristics and its resorts, Maldives is a popular destination for luxury tourism. The government aims to attract more foreign investment.

Real estate investment in Mauritius

New homes in Mauritius

The government of Mauritius has created a favorable environment for real estate investment, offering a wide range of incentives and facilities for foreign investment.

Real estate investment in Morocco

New homes in Morocco

Morocco is today one of the first emerging economic markets and has a very active real estate sector, offering tax advantages for foreign investors.

Real estate investment in Mexico

New homes in Mexico

Mexico is the heart of America. It is an increasingly frequent destination among tourists and investors, thanks to its natural, geographical, climate and history.

Real estate investment in Montenegro

New homes in Montenegro

Montenegro is a diverse country with amazing scenery and a rich history that is willing to offer great potential as an attractive investment opportunity.

Real estate investment in Nigeria

New homes in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that offers very attractive investment opportunities. The sectors that stand out are oil and gas, telecommunications and real estate.

Real estate investment in New Zealand

New homes in New Zealand

The real estate market in New Zealand has become a steady and secure method of investment, with an annual growth of 15% in the value of the property.

Real estate investment in Pakistan

New homes in Pakistan

In Pakistan there have been great improvements in their market and an improvement and strengthening of its currency. There are investment opportunities.

Real estate investment in Panama

New homes in Panama

Panama is a strategic point on the world of finance and investments. It is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its climate and vegetation.

Real estate investment in Paraguay

New homes in Paraguay

Paraguay has a low tax and a very simple tax scheme, the same for residents and non-residents, which makes it ideal for foreign real estate investment.

Real estate investment in Peru

New homes in Peru

The real estate market in Peru is the main driving force of the Peruvian economy. Demand has been fueled by the credit facilities to buy a home.

Real estate investment in Philippines

New homes in Philippines

The number of property investors in the Philippines continues to grow steadily due to the high profit potential offered by real estate investment market in this country.

Real estate investment in Poland

New homes in Poland

The Polish economy is growing and it is one of Europe's most dynamic economies. Due to the severe shortage of housing, there is fierce competition for buy land for investment.

Real estate investment in Portugal

New homes in Portugal

Portugal is an emerging country in terms of economic relevance.
Investments of all kinds can be a very interesting bet for the future.

Real estate investment in Puerto Rico

New homes in Puerto Rico

There are no restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Puerto Rico. Enjoy beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and lively urban centers throughout the year.

Real estate investment in Romania

New homes in Romania

Romania is an economically emerging country with a large market potential. See the advantages to realize your property investment in Romania.

Real estate investment in Russia

New homes in Russia

The vast natural resources and great potential for economic development make Russia an ideal destination for profitable investment property.

Real estate investment in Seychelles

New homes in Seychelles

Due to its idyllic setting, Seychelles is an ideal country for foreign investors looking to buy a property and get high returns on investment.

Real estate investment in Singapore

New homes in Singapore

With a highly developed market economy is the fourth largest financial center in the world and plays an important role in the global economy.

Real estate investment in Slovakia

New homes in Slovakia

The country of Slovakia has significant investments in real estate, like malls, office buildings, residential as well as apartment complexes in the mountains.

Real estate investment in Spain

New homes in Spain

The reasons for investing in Spain are its climate, cuisine, coast and tourist attraction. It has an ample supply of real estate developments.

Real estate investment in Switzerland

New homes in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world and the simple fact of owning a holiday home in this country and can be a good investment property.

Real estate investment in Thailand

New homes in Thailand

Investing in Thailand is a pretty safe bet given the attractive tourism in the country and the influx of foreign visitors they receive throughout the year.

Real estate investment in Turkey

New homes in Turkey

Turkey is a country with a growing and robust economy. Between Europe and Asia, Turkey is taking advantage of their currency to attract investors from both continents.

Real estate investment in United Arab Emirates

New homes in United Arab Emirates

The UAE enjoys a prosperous economy, and business opportunities in the country are limitless. Real estate investment can yield big benefits.

Real estate investment in United Kingdom

New homes in United Kingdom

UK is the world's second largest destination for foreign investment. The property investment has been a growth industry, which currently remains healthy.

Real estate investment in United States

New homes in United States

America is the strongest economy in the world. It offers a very wide range of new real estate developments due to its climate and large area.

Real estate investment in Ukraine

New homes in Ukraine

Due to the high demand on new construction properties, in Ukraine exist very interesting investment opportunities which offers high returns.

Real estate investment in Uruguay

New homes in Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the preferred destinations for investors thanks to its quality of life, security, political stability and economic reliability.

Real estate investment in Venezuela

New homes in Venezuela

The tourism sector in Venezuela is generating great benefits for domestic and foreign investors that choose to invest in Venezuela in a long-term.

Top real estate developments

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Development in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
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